Me and My Natural Hair Routine (For Now)

During my junior year of college, I decided to try to go completely natural (I had stopped relaxing my hair in high school). I did everything possible to get all of my ringlets to match, even using a curling wand to manipulate the strands that did not want to cooperate. However, although I thought my fried curls were poppin’, my ex-situationship person said I looked like The Weeknd, and my flat iron and I became best friends again.

Once I came back to NYC after graduating, I decided to attempt the all-natural look again (with the help of many nights of twist-outs and looking like Felicia from “Friday”), yet the temptation of seeing my hair straightened always got the best of me, along with corporate America helping to solidify a belief that natural hair is not made for the office.

In August 2017, I decided to get my first ever curly haircut with Lorraine at H2 Salon in Brooklyn in preparation for a family trip to Jamaica, and I fell in love with my natural hair for the first time ever. I kept asking myself, “where has this hair been all of my life?!” Add the humidity of the Montego Bay air on top of that, and I felt like a big hair, olive skin goddess. However, I still felt an obligation to straighten my hair for “special” events, like my birthday, black tie events, work outings – the list went on and on.

This past November, I decided to get a new curly cut with Roger at the Neal Farinah Salon in Brooklyn (thanks to Alexia for suggesting him!). When I saw how my curls could truly flourish with just a little TLC, I decided I would not apply any heat to my hair until May, giving it 6 months to truly recuperate from years of straightening. I knew if I wanted to give my hair the proper love it had been craving for years, I also needed to invest in the right (read: expensive) products rather than the ones I would find at Marshall’s on the sale rack, but I can already see the major difference only 2 months in. Now, I present to you my natural hair routine (for now!):

The Products I Use (All DevaCurl): No-Poo & One Condition Decadence, Leave-In Decadence, SuperCream, Buildup Buster, Melt into Moisture, Ultra Defining Gel, DevaFuser, and the DevaTowel (FYI: I began with the Super Curly Care Kit, which brings smaller size versions of some of these products to test them out, and Groupon always has a lot of the full-sized version of these products at a lower price). On top of this, I use a silk/satin pillowcase and a silk/satin head scarf.

  1. For my Wash Day on Sundays, I use the No-Poo Decadence Shampoo with 2-3 washes. When I first used the shampoo, I was freaked out that I did not see any suds; however, that is the point of it! Once I rinse that out, I apply the Melt into Moisture hair mask, finger detangle, and leave it on for the rest of the day or overnight. It truly does help my hair get the hydration it deserves.
  2. During the week (usually Wednesdays) when I feel like my hair needs a refresher, I use the Buildup Buster instead of No-Poo and the One Condition instead of the Melt into Moisture hair mask.
  3. When it comes to styling, I do it all in the shower rather than waiting to step out of the tub. I start with the leave-in conditioner, only applying through my hair from the middle to ends. I follow with the SuperCream (if I could only travel with one styling product around the world, it would be this one): I rub it between my palms and apply it to the roots first, followed by the rest of my hair in sections in a downward motion. Lastly, I take the Ultra Defining Gel and, with my head tilted forward, scrunch the gel all over my curls in an upward motion.
  4. I then plop my hair into the DevaTowel, wrap it around my head, and begin getting ready for the day!
  5. There are times when I have to rewet the edges of my hair that tend to dry too much and apply a little more SuperCream to slick it down along with my head scarf.
  6. Once I am ready to let the curls down, I make sure to let it air dry for at least an hour before diffusing with the DevaFuser if necessary, but only with cold air!

As I notice my hair changing (like the back of my hair having looser curls than the front and my bangs getting longer), I know I will have to switch up my routine before going back to Roger for another cut in May. Let me know your suggestions!

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