About Me

Honest. Gritty. Real. A 27-year-old Dominicana from the depths of Queens, New York City living through the ups, downs, & in-betweens of this thing we call “life.” By day, I am working in the digital advertising sphere, but outside of that, you can find me trying to stay consistent with Orange Theory Fitness classes, attempting to get better with make-up during this pandemic since I now have a thing called free time, or gathered around the living room TV with my family and friends.

Why did I start a blog?

I wanted to create a space to speak out on the love and hate we feel about a multitude of subjects, from our hair to being Latina to relationships. We tend to become so wrapped up in life that we forget to sit down, breathe, and process everything that is going on. That is what writing, and now this blog, is for me. It is one of the most creative ways to process life.

The name “Morel of the Story” came about in college. I just wanted a clever name for my Instagram. Originally, it was “Morel to the Story” for about a year; however, my friends were quick to correct my bilingual self, and that is when I changed “to” to “of.” I knew I had made a name or presence for myself with my name when I was at a party, and another student named Brandon Plass (if you are out there, hi!) approached me and said, “You’re Morel of the Story, right?” The rest was history.